17 March 2013

Joey goes Racin'!!!

For Christmas Joey received a chance to drive 8 laps in a Nascar car. He drove yesterday at Phoenix International Raceway, and we were able to go watch. Because I was juggling the kids, I did not get video of him zooming past, but the clip shows him climbing out and his friend Tanner, drives past in the background. That will give you an idea of how fast they were going.
Here are some photos of his "pit crew" and his gear!

 Even strapped into a race car, the sun devil pride is apparent!

The Wedding

Casey, joey's brother, married Janea on March 7. Here are a few shots of our family in our wedding best!
As a side note, since this is the last of Joey's siblings to be married, we decided to use the event as motivation to get healthy. Starting in January Joey and I started what Luke describes as "a diet for health". The day of the wedding, each of us was only shy of our goal by one pound! We are quite proud of ourselves. After the wedding Luke asked, "Are you still eating for health?" Gotta keep it up. 

16 December 2012

05 November 2012

Happy Halloween

There is something magical about Halloween that inspires me to blog! (and that's some REAL magic)

Last year as he sorted his pile of candy Jacob declared, "Mom, I am old enough now to decide on my own costume. I don't want to do your family idea next year." I agreed since making the Despicable Me minion heads pushed me to my nauseous, pregnant limit.

Fast forward to the beginning of October this year. I explained that he needed to make a decision about his costume so that I had time to get it figured out. After lots of time considering it he decided he wanted to be Super Mario with fire power. Luke then decided he wanted to be Luigi with a propeller suit so he could "fly".

After a little magical sewing, some great clearance finds, and some spray paint here is the result:

 One of my new favorite things, Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin Decorating!

25 June 2012

Our family!

Kate's blessing was yesterday. There were lots of highlights including:

we made it to our 8 am sacrament meeting on time!
both sets of grandparents were there
she wore a custom made everythingoes headband (thanks cocoa)
she was awake and quiet during the blessing and just looked around at everyone holding her
Joey, Tom, Dad, Casey, Rob, and Tanner were all part of the circle

We had a pair of gold ballet flats for her to wear as her first shoes and when we tried to put them on she flexed her toes as much as she could to prevent them from going on. After a few seconds of trying to make it work, we took them off and I took a picture of the shoes, without her cute feet in them! Learned my lesson ... blessing day is not a good first pair of shoes day :)

She was blessed to bring joy and peace to those around her, share her smile, make good friends, desire to follow the Lord and become an instrument in His hands.

22 June 2012

Kate's Announcement

Little Girl Birth Announcement
View the entire collection of cards.

26 March 2012

KK and Katniss, Who Could Ask For Anything More?

KK came into town this weekend to attend the mid-night premiere of Hunger Games and hang out. She came prepared with her make-up kit for some Capitol-esque designs. We only got to the eye liner, but here is her handiwork.
It was such a great visit! We enjoyed some girl time while J* the boys, ate out at a "RESTAURANT! (as j* exclaimed), and caught up on the Project Runway finale.

 Between her laptop with Kid History clips, the games on her phone, and her chasing and tickle skills, KK is currently our "favorite" aunt!